The Torres del Paine Park

This is undeniably one of the most beautiful parks in South America. Situated 2000 meters above the Patagonian Steppe the torres (Paine Towers) offer a vertical spectacle of uncommonly beautiful granite. The park, created in 1959, was formerly used by a traditional estancia specialized in sheep farming. In 1978 it became part of Unesco´s biosphere reserves and is home to numerous Andean animal species such as rhea, guanacos and condors.

The 181,000 ha park is of impressive beauty and the variety of landscapes to be seen is exceptional. One can pass from verdant and rocky valleys to seas of ice that become crystal clear-watered lakes.

Hikers of all levels will without a doubt be very happy in this unique walking environment. As for travelers in search of wide-open spaces, they will be able to take wonderful one or multi-day trips alternating tours in catamaran, horse rides and trips along the length of the age-old lakes.

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