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International flights

You can, of course, take a direct international flight. It is also possible to make a stop in Brazil, in Argentina, in Peru, in Mexico, or in Chile before hitting your final destination.
We often organize tours including a week in Brazil followed by a few weeks in Patagonia or in the Andes, through our network of local agencies Terra Explora (Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Peru, Brazil). South America is a land of contrasts and it may be smart to do two trips in one, adventure in the Andes followed by a week long of Brazilian beaches. The program is tempting. The extra charges for a stay over are usually around $ 135 US.

Domestic flights, Brazil Air Pass

An excellent formula for multiple stop-over in Brazil, BRAZIL AIR PASS enables you to discover the country while traveling by plane at a lesser cost.
This package can include from 4 to 10 flight coupons.
TAM airline as well as some Sky Team partners, notably Air France, offer this package at similar prices.
For one to three coupons, $ 600 US before tax (average), then $ 135 US (average) per extra coupon.
Warning, these prices are indicative, and susceptible to change. The package price itself, does not include the airport taxes, from $ 20 to 27 US per person.
The payment of these taxes can be done for future flights upon you arrival in each airport.
The Brazil Air Pass can only be purchased outside of Brazil, and to people already in possession of an international round-trip ticket to Brazil.
It is valid 21 days starting from the flying date on the first coupon. From January 1st, 2007, if you need to take a flight with stops or connections between two cities, each flight costs a coupon. Example: to get from Rio de Janeiro to Manaus with a stop in Brasilia, therefore two flights, two coupons are necessary.

The ticket is nominative and can’t be used by someone else.
The coupons not used are not refundable.
The Pass in not reimbursed in case of loss.

Kids younger than two years of age only pay 10% of the ticket price, but there are no discounts for children.

The Pass allows you up to 40 lb in luggage per person.
We recommend you confirm all domestic flight as soon as you arrive in Brazil, to print the confirmation receipt and to inform Terra Brazil of any time or itinerary change.

Terra Brazil can confirm your flights (domestic or international). If you wish to use this service, thanks to send us a scan of the tickets to confirm along with the name of your group.

Most economic tickets

We recommend these search engines offering competitive prices:


You can also contact the Brazilian airlines VARIG and TAM directly.







You can of course always take a direct international flight.
In general, the flights towards Bolivia have as their final destination in Santa Cruz or in La Paz.
The majority of travelers arrive in La Paz because they come first and foremost to discover the Andean Bolivia, the high plateau and its Aymara or Quechua population.
However, for the more curious and travelers coming for three weeks or more, we highly recommend an arrival in Santa Cruz. This will allow you to discover the less known facet of Bolivia which is the Orient (The low lands – 2/3 of the Bolivian territory is located at less than 600 meters above sea level, in the Amazon Basin). After a few days in this region (Jesuit missions, Amboro national park, Samaipata), you can easily plan a domestic flight to Sucre to start your tour of Andean Bolivia).
It is also possible to stop by Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, and Chile before going to Santa Cruz or La Paz.

We also organize tours to Bolivia combined with a stay in Peru, Brazil, Chile or and Argentina. Our network of tour operator, Terra Explora (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru), allows us to organize easily and without intermediaries this type of travel. The supplements for a STOP are usually around $150.

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