Easter Island
Easter Island, called “Isla de Pascua” in Spanish and Rapa Nui in the Rapa Nui language is an isolated island in the South East Pacific particularly well known for its monumental statues, the Moai, and its unique oceanic writing called rongorongo.

The island, a province of Chile, is located at coordinates 27°09′S 109°27′W / -27.15, -109.45, 3,700 km from the Chilean coast and 4,000 km from Tahiti. The closest inhabited island is Pitcairn, over 2,000 km to the west. The island covers 162.5 km2, had 3,304 inhabitants in 2002 and has its administrative center in Hanga Roa.

The Dutch explorer Jakob Roggeveen discovered the island on Easter day, April 5 1722, counting around 4,000 inhabitants at the time. Annexed by Spain in 1770 the island became Chilean territory in 1888.
Since 1995 the exceptional patrimony of this island has been protected and registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Often guarded, various parks and nature reserves surround the sites of archeological remains. The Rapa Nui community jealously watches over the traces of its history and constitutes a power parallel to that of the official Chilean government.

Robinson Crusoe Island
Robinson Crusoe Island is situated in the Juan Fernandez archipelago that is composed of three islands declared National Parks by the Chilean government and Unesco World Biosphere Reserves. The archipelago can be found 674 km from the Chilean coast off Valparaiso.
The roots of the island are in literature from when the Scottish sailor Alexander Selkirk was forced to live alone on the island for four years after having disobeyed his superiors.

The archipelago shelters endemic species of flora and fauna in the National Park that you will be able to visit by following its various paths. The marine ecosystem is equally as unique as its land ecosystem.
Spiny lobster is one of the island´s riches and piure one of the local dishes. Excursions not to be missed are those to the Mirador Selkirk from where Selkirk chose to scrutinize the horizon in the hope of seeing an approaching rescue ship; Robinson´s cave and the best trek to be made is that which goes to Villagra and La Punta crossing the entire island from the subtropical forest to semi-desert landscapes.

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