No other country in the world is as long and narrow. The succession of deserts, snow covered volcanoes peaks, fjords and steppe, adjoining the Andean Cordillera, bring about a destination unique as far as trekking is concerned. The whole territory is favourable to trekking. However we do recommend certain areas :

The Atacama Desert
Located towards the North, the Atacama Desert, volcanic and wild Altiplano, is characterized by much dryness and a significant variation of temperatures between day and night. San Pedro de Atacama is the starting point of all excursions to the desert. Discover this oasis, its geysers and its numerous Altiplanic lagoons. It is a ground with an impressive concentration of volcanoes, titillating or higher than 6000 meters. Through bivouac or daily hiking, enjoy starry nights or the comfort of hotels.
With Objectif 6000, enjoy a tour devised to benefit from the best acclimatization conditions before attempting a 6000 m.

The Lake region and Pucón
Lakes on snowy volcano background, araucaria forests, national parks, nature reserves, the area is ideal for daily hiking or trekking over several days. A genuine paradise for photographers and fauna and flora enthusiasts. Discover the national parks of Villarrica, Conguillio and Huerquehue or the Huilo-Huilo reserve. Should you seek stronger emotions: Ascents of the Villarrica, Lonquimay, Mocho-Chochuenco, Llaima volcanoes...
Our Volcano Tour will take you to the peaks of every volcano in the area.

The Southern Road
It is a unique road, built little less than 20 years ago, between fjords and glaciers, sea and forest, where the expression « nature at its purest » makes all the sense in the world. To the North, the Pumalín Park is the worlds biggest private park, 320 000 hectares transformed into a nature reserve. More to the South, the General Carrera Lake’s splendour will surprise you, exuberant nature at every bend of the road contrasting with areas of dead forest due to huge fires which devastated the region 30 years ago. Even farther to the South, the trekking reaches its best towards the Mount Saint Valentin culminating at 4058 m (Patagonia’s highest peak) with the numerous glaciers all around. To complete this journey, pass Villa O´higgins, the most Southern point of this road… The adventure reaches its height when, in one day’s trekking, you’ll cross the border into Argentina to reach El Chaltén, starting point of numerous trekking.

Mythical name and images of the far end of the world, the high rocky plateaus of this area are constantly swept by the wind. The population density hardly reaches one inhabitant per km2 but the beauty of the place will delight the passing traveller : high cliffs, surprising glaciers, peculiar lakes... The magnificent Torres del Paine, one of the most beautiful parks in South America, offers almost limitless possibilities. The Tierra del Fuego is ideal for whoever seeks the trek of the world’s southernmost land. Patagonia is also the domain of marine animals. Penguins, sea elephants, sea dogs, whales and cormorants frisk about freely in this protected area.

Easter Island
The Easter Island or Rapa Nui : located 3 700 kilometres off the Chilean coast, it is the island of the big mystery. It was discovered in 1722, on Easter day, hence its name. It covers 179 km2 and shelters various volcanoes. The big statues, or moai, sculpted in rock have gigantic proportions and can reach up to 21 metres. The smallest ones weigh from 10 to 15 tons. You’ll find the cradle of these giants on the side of the Rano Raraku volcano. The Easter Island trekking has been devised for new hiking enthusiasts.

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